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Promed Mattresses

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Revolutionize Your Rest: Indulge with Our Mattresses Innovation.

Our Bestsellers

Beyond the Ordinary: Our Inventive and Waterproof Mattresses.

Discover peace of mind with our certified products, carefully crafted for your well-being and the planet. Our items not only meet high safety standards but also embrace innovation. Dive into comfort with our mattress, a perfect blend of polyurethane and cotton that keeps liquids out, promotes airflow, and sets a new standard in design. It goes beyond safety norms and offers easy maintenance, making it an ideal choice for diverse settings. Elevate your experience with our tech-savvy and safety-focused mattresses.


Why Choose Promed Mattresses

Oeko-Tex certificates

Explore our curated collection of products proudly holding Oeko-Tex certificates. With a commitment to your well-being and environmental sustainability, our items are meticulously crafted, free from harmful substances, and comply with rigorous safety standards. The internationally recognized Oeko-Tex certification underscores our dedication to delivering quality products that prioritize your health and the planet. Shop with assurance, knowing you are choosing safety and sustainability with every purchase.

Innovative Technology

The mattress cover, crafted from a blend of polyurethane and cotton, not only provides impermeability to liquids while allowing free airflow but also incorporates innovative features. Setting a new standard in mattress covers. It not only meets but exceeds all prevailing safety norms for public buildings, showcasing our commitment to both safety and innovation. Upgrade your sleeping experience with our technologically advanced and safety-focused mattress cover

Easy Cleaning

The mattress cover boasts convenient maintenance features, as it can be easily disinfected by simply wiping it with a cloth soaked in a suitable disinfectant. Furthermore, for a more thorough cleaning, the cover is machine washable at temperatures of up to 90°C, ensuring a high standard of hygiene. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for various settings, whether you're managing a hospitality establishment, care or seeking a reliable solution for personal use, our mattress cover provides both practicality and hygiene to meet diverse needs

Our Commitment

At Promed Mattresses, we're all about delivering top-tier quality in waterproof mattresses and covers, while still keeping things approachable. Our focus is on crafting mattresses that not only prioritize comfort but also maintain impeccable hygiene standards. With a blend of premium materials and cutting-edge technology, our mattresses are designed to cater to the distinctive requirements of care homes, hospitals, and the beauty industry. As part of our comprehensive offering, we also provide high-quality waterproof covers for added protection.

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